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Hugues de Payens – St.Clair Connection

Henry SinclairHenry “The Holy de Saint Clair” (1060-1110) was born in Scotland, and fought in the First Crusade in the Holy Land (1096-1099), where he met and fought alongside; Hugues de Payens.

Hugues de Payens and his retinue visited Scotland, receiving a land grant for the Templars, part of Henry Sinclairs Rosslyn Estate.

In 1127 Hugues de Payens, married Catherine St.Clair, daughter of Henry St.Clair.

History tells us of the arrest and mass execution of French Knights Templar in 1307, by King Philip IV of France, left many countries, many leaders questioning the acts by the French King.

Descendants of Henry “The Holy de Saint Clair,” one Henry Sinclair (1255-1336) and friend of Robert the Bruce, welcomed these warriors of God, these Knights Templar, fleeing for their lives.  Robert the Bruce gave then sanctuary in Scotland.

In return for sanctuary, these Knights Templar changed the outcome at the “Battle of Bannockburn.”  Mounted Templar knights smashed through Edward’s infantry and cavaliers, with Scottish knights led by Sir Robert Keith coming up behind, forcing the English to retreat from the battlefield.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce had achieved Independence for Scotland, aided by these Knights Templar.  He went on to commemorate that day in Scottish history by creating the Order of Heridom and the Brothers of the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucian).  Later would be known as the Order of Kilwinning, Scotland’s first Masonic Order with Robert the Bruce as its first Grand Master.

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4 thoughts on “Hugues de Payens – St.Clair Connection

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  2. “In 1127 Hugues de Payens, married Catherine St.Clair, daughter of Henry St.Clair.” What is your source for this? I’m talking off line records. Not a wiki or a genealogy site. Nothing anyone can alter randomly. There are two camps. One that says he never married. And one that says this was his second wife. No one has been able to show proof of marriage.


    • There are a number of quotes through internet which state he married Catherine St.Clair. However, sometimes the internet does not give true answer. That’s why I rely on my books.

      Secrets of the Knights Templar by S.J.Hodge suggests he married Catherine St. Clair, but leaves a final confirmation open. He definitely married; because he tried to get marriage of Elizabeth de Varais annulled, and she pleaded with the pope to block his request in 1114. It gets worse, there are further marriages like Elizabeth de Chappes.

      You have risen an interesting question, and I will look into it further. In todays world he would be classed as a bigamist.


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