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Jacques de Molay’s Revenge

Knights Templar Burnings

Burnt at the stake

On the 18th March 1314, Knights Templar Grand Master; Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake, on trumped up charges of heresy.  King Philip IV of France was responsible for the destruction of this Holy Order.

Jacques de Molay had his revenge, when King Philip IV of France along with Pope Clement V, died within a year, punished for the part they played.

Some 450 years later, Jacques de Molay would have his revenge, as the sons and daughters of the Order of the Templars, would strike a deathly blow at the heart of the French Monarchy.

In 1789, a year known across Europe, the start of the French Revolution.  Ten years of horror, as French citizens redesigned the political landscape of their country, and some 17,000 people were known to have been executed.

French Freemasons, heirs to the traditions of the Knights Templar, called upon the dying curse of Jacques de Molay of 1314, when he burnt at the stake on trumped up charges of heresy.

He called to his God, that King Philip IV and Pope Clement V his accusers should join him… Within a year both had died.

Execution of Louis XVI

Execution of King Louis XVI

So it was, Freemasons orchestrated the French Revolution against the Catholic Church and the Monarchy.  King Louis XVI a descendant of King Philip IV was beheaded.  As the King’s head rolled off the guillotine, the cheers from the crowd were heard, as one jumped upon the scaffold, put his finger in the King’s blood, shouting “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged.”

The French Monarchy was dealt a deathly blow, by the descendants of the Knights Templar, one which would not be forgotten.

Freemasons created the French Revolution, a way of changing the social order of France, and deal a blow against the monarchy.

The Illuminists manipulated the grain market, causing shortages in 1789, leading to poverty and famine across France, putting the country on the path towards revolution.

These Illuminists claimed that revolution would be better for its people and the country.  This from conspirators who held up food supplies, blocked reforms in France’s National Assemble, as the people starved.

The real aim of storming the Bastille wasn’t the release of prisoners.  This was where Jacques de Molay, had been held prisoner and underwent torture.

As the revolution started, the Jacobins, most of whom were Freemasons, created a campaign of terror.  Royalists and Church members were sent to the guillotine, as France was drowning in a sea of blood.

By the end of 1793, this Revolutionary Republic had a problem, hundreds of thousands of men, with no work.  They opted to depopulate France, as a never ending stream of victims were rounded up, and marched to their death.

This terror was the product of hostility towards the monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church by the Masons and Illuminati, the Templars successors.

For thousands of years, secret societies, guardians of ancient orders, have exercised their influence on the destiny of nations.

The Knights Templar became the Freemasons, and a by product was the Illuminati, founded in Bavaria, with a mission to create a secular Masonic world by revolutionary means.

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3 thoughts on “Jacques de Molay’s Revenge

  1. My first reaction to the essay was negative and such involvement in war and disruption is antithetical to Masonry’s call not to create war and upheaval and merely be of service to their respective communities. But after a few reads I see that indeed Masons were involved in orchestrating and managing the French Revolution. But I see them acting as individuals but then again there is evidence of organized conspiracy against the regime. Many of USA founding fathers were Masons and instrumental in creating independence and revolution. I am trying to reason with myself why I consider the French matter non Masonic in action and values of Masonry and in the American case virtuous. Have not resolved the matter in my mind yet. I know British and American officers that were Masons in the American Revolution found themselves to award special treatment for each other and the disconnect of American and British lodges was a matter of great discomfort. In the Civil War northern and Southern officers afford fellow Masons a degree of consideration when captured (in this reference you may care to read why the Northern Major, William McKinley became a Mason long before he became president). But it was the essence of the Templars to be charitable and to protect not destroy. Yes Masons as individuals in the past and present may involve themselves in nefarious schemes but such is not the teachings of the craft. As far as world wide schemes of Masons(alleged) I offer that such is not the case. We are taught to respect laws of country. In my experience as a Mason the efforts are to support charities and the most diabolical matter in which I was involved was distasteful dramatic debate over whether the new carpet should be white or cobalt blue and whether the new cabinetry and furniture should be cherry or walnut.

    “a by product was the Illuminati, founded in Bavaria, with a mission to create a secular Masonic world by revolutionary means.”

    While some may claim such roots they are deranged and misdirected. Such is not the essence of Masonry or the Templars. Masons are not secular. The craft requires a committed belief in God, the Grand Architect of the Universe but offers no opinion or direction of any religion nor teaches religious doctrine but morality and self control with that foundation of God.I would consider that non secular. Discussion of politics in open lodge is prohibited.

    With Deepest regard of your historical efforts, I remain,

    Carl D’Agostino of Corinthian Lodge in Greensboro, NC and of Oleeta West Dade Lodge in Miami, Fl.

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    • Thank you for your insight to my article on the revenge of Jaques de Molay. After reading your article, opted to add link to my article of The French Revolution on my main history site, which gives the reader an insight into events that took place.

      The history of the crusades gives us an insight of what was achieved… Not all good: The first holocaust lays at the feet of crusaders and by the Fourth crusade, this movement captured and ransacked Constantinople.

      It was inevitable as France was bordering on poverty and famine and the spark was all it would take to start a revolution, with a little help from Robespierre.


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