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Knights Templar: St.George’s Cross

Knights Templar Cross

The red cross on a white background, was associated with the Knights Templar, and by 1188, the English and French troops of Phillip II of France and Henry II of England, proudly displayed it, as part of their tunic.

It became a symbol, worn by many troops, announcing they be warriors fighting crusades in the Holy Land.

So where does the Red Cross on a white background originate from?

One Georgios Gerontios, born of the 3rd century, a tribune in the Roman Army; imprisoned, tortured and finally beheaded on the 23rd April AD303 in Nicomedia, for not turning from his Christian faith.  On the 23rd April, he became known as Saint George.

Stories were written of this martyr; Saint George through the ages.  His reputation grew as warriors returning from the crusades, spoke of Saint George leading them into battle, wearing upon his person the red cross on a white background… it gave the troops confidence in battle.

On the 28th June 1098, crusaders at the siege of Antioch, stated that a great army on white horses, led by Saint George led them into battle.

So it was, the Red Cross on a white background was adopted in the 12th century by Genoa, with Saint George as their patron.

The Red Cross was worn by English troops during the reign of Edward I in the 1270’s.  In 1348 Edward III established a premier order of Knighthood in England, with Saint George as its patronage.

There is no historical proof, that Saint George is linked with the Red Cross on a white background.  Saying that, when warriors talk of being led into battle by Saint George, one believes a connection could have existed.

During the reign of Henry V, many soldiers believed they witnessed Saint George fighting at the “Battle of Agincourt” for the English in 1415, where they achieved victory.

The legend of Saint George, a Knight who died a martyrs death for his Christian faith, a knightly figure who many believe comes to their assistance in battle, wearing the red cross emblazoned across his chest.  As the Knights Templar also wore, when they were first created.

Is there a connection between Saint George, the Red Cross and the Knights Templar.  I will let you make up your own mind…

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24 thoughts on “Knights Templar: St.George’s Cross

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  2. Why is it in some depictions of the Knights we see them wearing a red cross on white background, but the cross has 2 horizontal bars? A shorter one on top then the normal second horizontal cross?


    • The cross you are describing, is the Lorraine Cross consisting of a two-barred cross laid upon a vertical bar and the two horizontal bars are usually of equal length, but not always. The Cross of Lorraine was originally a heraldic cross. It originated with René d’Anjou, Duke of Lorraine, and would be used by Godfrey de Boullion during the capture of Jerusalem. This cross would be carried around during the Crusades and, for a time, was associated with the Knights Templar.


      • Thank you so much for taking the time to look into my question. I thought perhaps I had posted it incorrectly as I’m new to Word Press. Thanks again and I’ll wait to see what you can find out.
        Steve Cripe


  3. What has happened to the world!!!! even st george and the cross he bore BELONGS to satan. And theres more ‘ring of power’ this is truly scarey. Go to web site and see.


  4. The interior circle of the Templar Knights linked to the Grail lineage wore the patriarcal cross resembling of the Lorraine Cross which was the shape of a reliquary containing parcel of the Holy cross… Joan of Arc whom family was linked to the templars and the count of Champagne wore also a two-barred cross during the siege of Orleans, relic which is photographed in my book la mémoire des objets and in my novel she-messiah, la messie


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  6. I am looking for somebody to point me in the correct direction or website so I can find out how to become a Templar of today’s time.


  7. I have recently found a religious medal that looks to be copper. I can’t seem to find any like it to give it a definitive date. When I read your article, it was a lightbulb moment!

    It’s quite corroded, but under extreme magnification looks to be St. George on one side, and the Templar Cross on the other. It’s about the size of a dime, but very thin.
    Any information would be very much appreciated.


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