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Barbaric Act by English Templar

Acre - mass execution

Mass execution at Acre

King Richard I (The Lionheart) a skilled warrior much remembered for his crusading exploits in the Holy Land.  Richard showed his true colours at Acre, a cruel and merciless warrior.

His crusaders faced the might of Saladin’s army, and the prize on offer; Acre Castle.

On the 12th July 1192, the crusaders were victorious, for they had captured Acre Castle and taken 3,000 prisoners.

Richard demanded a ransom of Saladin for the lives of the 3,000 captives.  Saladin unable to raise the money, agreed payments by instalments.  When one payment was delayed, Richard was not prepared to wait, and showed Saladin… no mercy.

On the 20th August 1192, he beheaded 3,000 captives on the castle walls, their heads fell to the ground, and the ground ran deep red in blood.

An act of barbarism had taken place, dished out by an English Knight and Templar.

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