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Knights Templar: Switzerland


Is there any connection between Knights Templar and Switzerland?

The “Old Swiss Confederation” was born on the 1st August 1291.

In 1280, the French Monarchy was in conflict with the Templar’s, so it was inevitable issues would come to a head.

The Templar’s headquarters in the city of Troyes in France was lost, when the region had come under the control of the French Crown.

The Templars must have got wind, of possible actions being put in place by King Philip IV of France.  Twenty-four hours before the arrest of Jacques de Molay on the 13th October 1307, a fleet of Templar ships sailed from the French port of La Rochelle, laden with treasure and knights.

Knight Templar Ships

Templar Fleet

The French Monarchy, who had expected to confiscate Templar treasure, found empty store houses… it had sailed away from France under the cover of darkness, destination unknown.

When the order went out by the Pope, that all Templar knights were to be arrested.  Thousands were rounded up and arrested on charges of heresy and burnt at the stake, whilst other’s dispersed across Europe, seeking sanctuary.  Some escaped to Spain, joining up with the Caltrava and Alcantra, some moved to Portugal and took on a new name; the Order of Christ.  Others joined the Teutonic knights of Germany, and some joined the Hospitallers, the stepping stone to the Knights of Malta.


Knights Templar

Some Templar knights landed in Scotland and were granted sanctuary by Robert the Bruce.  These knights took up arms and joined Robert the Bruce in his fight against the English, for Scotland’s Independence.  Rosslyn Chapel, home of the Sinclair knights, members of the Templar order.  These warriors were buried along with their treasure in the crypt of the chapel.

With Switzerland located over the border to the east of France.  Hundreds of Knights Templar would have easily slipped across the border with their treasures, into this newly formed country.

The main income of Switzerland was farming… it was a poor country, ripe for a takeover.

In 1315, Duke Leopold of Habsburg attacked several hundred men with his force of 2,000 knights and 9,000 foot soldiers… expecting little resistance.

He was in for a surprise, as the Swiss possessed a new weapon, the “Halberd” which was mounted on a long pole, capable of bringing down horses and used like a lance.  Leopold lost almost 2,000 warriors that day, and was forced to retreat.



Therefore in my opinion a primitive farming country had received outside assistance, enabling them to protect their lands from invading warriors.

The only answer that made sense, Templar Knights had escaped from France, crossed the border into Switzerland and granted sanctuary, bringing with them their military expertise and Templar treasure… buying their way into this new country.

The Templar’s were Europe’s bankers from the 11th – 14th century, now the largest banking and financial institutions of Europe are located in Switzerland.

Pope Julius II called upon Helvetian soldiers in 1506, these mercenaries who would shape Italy’s future, and were granted the title “Defenders of the Church’s Freedom.”

On the 22nd January 1506, one hundred and ninety-nine years after the arrest of Jacques de Molay in France, the Vatican created the Pontifical Swiss Guard.


The Vatican’s Swiss Guard

One hundred and fifty Swiss soldiers under the command of Captain Kasparvon Silenen of Canton Uri, passed through the Vatican and were blessed by Pope Julius II.


Flag of Switzerland

The famous cross associated with the Knights Templar, is incorporated into the flag of Switzerland.

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26 thoughts on “Knights Templar: Switzerland

  1. What an interesting bit of history. I lived in Switzerland for five years — even their current military is surprising. Shortly after I arrived, I heard loud rumbling outside. When I looked out the window, there were tanks rolling up towards me, heading up the mountain… Never underestimate the Swiss!

    Thanks for the fllow.


  2. Loved the information given in this article. A couple of points is, of course, the banking system that came about in Switzerland. The strongest points of the Templars being warriors and banking, along with building very elaborate fortifications and tunneling. From my understanding of the Swiss is that is honeycombed with some of the most sophisticated tunnel systems anywhere in the world. The battle of Morgarten is still considered one of the top ten battles in the history of warfare where an inferior force in numbers defeated a much superior force. The plane executed by the Swiss forces showed superiority in planning, superior training in the forces who fought this engagement, and of course the money that is always needed to conduct warfare. It makes a very compelling case that the Templars were involved in the engagement and most of the history of Switzerland.

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    • I still feel more information lies out there about Knights Templar and their links with Switzerland and the Vatican… This is an article which I have by my side waiting for those bits of information I may suddenly come across to answer unanswered question…


  3. Enjoyed the article. My paternal ancestry goes back as far as I have been able to determine to about 1550-60 to Switzerland to a little town called Twann. He was an official of the Twann House of the Commandry of the Order of St. John in Munchenbuchsee). I understand that knights lived there. I would be interested in learning more about them.


    • I still feel more information lies out there about Knights Templar and their links with Switzerland and the Vatican… I feel this is an ever expanding article with many questions waiting to be answered… One I hope to do with second article on Switzerland’s links in the future…


  4. Just for the record, OSMTH (international) and the American arm of the same organization, SMOTJ, are the most widely recognized order of Templar Knights in the world–they have Swiss registry….


  5. The ships that set sail had knights and wepons only, the treasure had been systematically taken to Switzerland begining in 1291. The felicity of thousands of Templars being arrested is. a fable at best, the Templers had eyes and ears in the French monarchy to keep tabs on when the French might start paying back the lare debts owed to the Templers. Many factors support this conscientious such as only 650 Templars were arrested on Oc. 13 1307 outhers arrested in outher countries were acquitted.


  6. I have always said there were too many curious similarities and coincidences between the Templars and the Swiss.
    Hiding in plain sight, indeed!
    Fortunately for you and the rest of us, the Knights Templars and the Swiss are relatively benign.. *we hope….


  7. What wonderful info. (This is only my opinion)The majority of Jews rejected Jesus as their long awaited Messiah. The believing Jews took the Gospel to the world.God rejected the unbelieving Jews and without His protection their Temple was destroyed in AD70 by the Romans.Every Sabbath and every Passover since then the unbelieving Jews pray “next year Jerusalem” over the years they have made several failed attempts to rebuild the Temple ie.AD118, AD264 and AD640. The Templar Crusades were just another failed attempt to achieve this life long dream. The heads of the Knights Templars were Merovingian Gnostic Jews from Champagne in France. That is why the Templars real mission to Jerusalem was to rebuild the Temple. The ordinary Catholic Templar soldiers however were only told that they were taking Jerusalem for Jesus.That is what secret societies are all about ie. the ones at the bottom don’t know what really is going on at the top. They had never read that Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world if it was then would my servants fight.” John 18:36.The Templars reappeared from underground as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,and you guessed it their objective is to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem! Like the Catholic troops at the lower rungs of the Knights Templars the gentiles in Freemasonry who are now honorary Jews don’t fully realize who is gaining at the top. The Masons logically had a vendetta against the union of Church and State ie. Pope and King who had destroyed their fellow Jewish Knights Templars in 1307.They started their attack on the Old Order of Pope and King by destroying the Jesuits in 1773 who were the protectors of the Papacy. They then financed the French Revolution and took Louis XVIs head off in 1794 and then took Pope Pius VI prisoner in 1798 where he died in captivity. From the French Revolution on they have been creating wars in order to further their objectives with the ‘remedy’ After WWI they gained entrance to Palestine. After WWII they formed the nation of Israel. After the Six-day War they captured Jerusalem. They are still trying to rebuild their Temple with subservient American help. Their age old dreams of ruling the world as God’s chosen people (in their opinion). from their Temple in Jerusalem is being quietly achieved before our eyes. What will happen next? Read Revelation 12:7-9. and 13:11-18. and there is more!


  8. As of 2020 and entering 2021, Oak Island on the coast of Nova Scotia (“New Scotland”) seems to have a strong possibility of a Templar connection (mainly per the History channel show Curse of Oak Island). I’ve heard of the Templars and Free Masons referencing a new Jerusalem, but I have not heard of them looking to rebuild the old Jerusalem. Perhaps both ideas have become somewhat conflated. I enjoyed the article and agree that Templars entered Switzerland in a big way. Thank you for making this available – really intersting and well done.


  9. Really tho if you think about it it makes perfect sense after all the crap the Vatican put the templars through almost 2 hundred years before all because of family ties and a royal tantrum that the disgraced protectors of the holy land once again become protectors of the church. I mean 200 years isn’t that long pretty quick to finally get a Pope that understands it was all bull** and want to make up for it and secretly commend the order the previous pope or two sold out, just so happens the Pope needed protection and being long enough to possibly realize the truth if not actually realize who the Swiss really were he knew exactly who to ask for help. (Ps I’ve been trudging my way though my ancestry but there was a cerembaud de noyers who was a knight of the 3rd crusade, some accounts have him dying at the siege of Acre others more so the French have him surviving but his coat of arms is hung in the palace of Versailles crusade hall)


  10. There is some interesting information and comment on here. As somebody who has been interested in the Knights Templar for some years, along with Freemasonry and Oak Island, it is useful to pull these information’s together, to see how they interact with one another. It appears a misnomer that Pope Clement V’s edict caused the death of thousands of Templar’s, Seems more likely a few hundred with the rest getting away – joining existing orders, forming new ones, retiring, becoming mercenaries and setting themselves up in foreign lands like Denmark. The clues to their move to Switzerland are quite obvious, the national flag, the banking, plus just GOOGLE what ‘Switzer’ means! It’s all there. Good site, keep up the good work!! .


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