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Knights Templar: Joseph of Arimathea


Joseph of Arimathea

Written within the Gospel of St.John, Joseph of Arimathea is referred to as a secret disciple of Jesus.  This Jewish merchant, one of wealth and power in the community, may have been related to Jesus.

The body of Jesus was wrapped in a shroud, following his crucifixion, and placed in a tomb also supplied by Joseph.

What we know of Romans isn’t it more likely the Romans would have left the body of Jesus upon the cross, to rot, food for the birds.  They were known to crucify or hang prisoners by the roadside, as a warning to others, like those in the film (Spartacus).

Therefore, Joseph of Arimathea, must have carried much respect of the Romans to have been received by the then Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, and granted permission to move the body.

The Templar’s believed it was Joseph of Arimathea who collected the blood of Jesus as he hung upon the cross, in a chalice, now known as the Holy Grail.

When it was discovered that the body of Jesus had disappeared, Joseph was thought to have hidden him, but we know different, for Jesus had risen from the dead.  As for Joseph he along with the Holy Grail were flung into jail for many years.

Upon his release by Emperor Vespasian, Joseph of Arimathea, this disciple of Jesus, travelled to England, spreading the gospel on route.  His final destination being Avalon, now known as Glastonbury, and it is said he baptised thousands of sinners.

The Holy Grail was buried in the grounds of Avalon (Glastonbury), and marked by a staff, from which grew the Glastonbury Thorn.

I sometimes wonder, whether the Knights Templar were keepers of sacred relics, or nothing more than treasure hunters.

If one looks at Rosslyn Chapel, and observes the gargoyle of a knight holding a chalice, and the Templar warriors located in the crypt with their treasures.  Whatever they found was so sacred to them, it was not for sharing.

(Image) Joseph of Arimathea: Catholic Saints


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