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A Pope’s Plea

Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II

Pope Uban made a plea
calling upon Europe’s knights,
arm yourself, set Jerusalem free
as thousand’s answered, the call to arms.

Thousands came out to fight
these warriors for god,
knowing, if they fall in battle
their sins will be forgiven.

Europe’s forces, God’s warriors
took on the might of the east,
these warriors of the desserts
were caught off guard…

First crusade, saw Christian victories
but these were short lived,
as city by city were lost
crusade’s over; Europe’s knights retreated.

We will always remember
a Pope’s call to arms,
thousand’s of Europe’s warriors
lie, in the sands of the Holy Land.

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2 thoughts on “A Pope’s Plea

  1. I read one historical commentary that presented that since there were so many knights and warriors in Europe and all they want to do is fight and make war he initiated the crusade to rid Europe of these militaristic men to keep peace in Europe but naturally the mission to the Holy Land too but as a by-product.


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