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Modern Illuminati Timeline (2/2)


The higher status members started creating innocent sounding names, to transfer attention away from them, covering up their meetings in 1901.  The Astor family contributed in the creation of the “Pilgrim Society,” a cover organization for American and British Illuminati members.

In 1902, Ava Alice Muriel Astor, was born, she was an occultist, and believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and disciple of Ikhnaton.

The Astor’s, one of the top thirteen families, who don’t obey our laws, for they believe they are the law of the land.  They are billionaires many times over, yet, that will mean nothing when they come face to face with their creator on Judgement Day.

Aleister Crowley believed he received words from Horus; God of Force and Fire, the child of Isis and Osiris on the 8th – 9th – 10th April 1904.

Edward S Van Duyn, surgeon born in Syracuse in 1872.  During World War One, served in the Medical Corps in France.  Attended the Unitarian Church which had links to Wicca.

In 1910, Coleman DuPont and Charles Taft, brother of President Taft, went into business, to build the McAlpin Hotel in New York, this was the start of a profitable venture, leading to more hotels.

Coleman purchased New York Equitable Life Assurance, as he rose up the ladder in the Illuminati elite.  He became director of the Union National Bank in Wilmington, President of Central Coal and Iron.

During World War One, the DuPont’s made serious money, through their gunpowder business, which led to the acquisition of General Motors.  The DuPont’s moved into the world of chemicals, safety glass, paints, photographic film and drugs etc.

Alfred Victor DuPont, served as a private in the marines during World War One.  At the outbreak of the Second World War, he became a consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Astor’s assisted in the creation of the “Round Table Illuminati Groups.”  Rhodes and Milner were main players in the creation of the “Society of the Elect,” secret circle of top illuminati’s.

Adolf Hitler was financed into a position of power in 1913 by W.Averell Harriman, an active Illuminati member.  Paul Warburg was behind the creation of the privately owned “Central Bank of America: The Federal Reserve.”

In 1914, the Watchtower Society (Jehovah Witness) explained to its followers, that although secular governments were still in place, in their eyes, their rule was no longer valid.

John Shaw Todd, a corrupt police lieutenant, was appointed Director of Public Health and Welfare in Massachusetts in 1915.  He was in the position to approve construction and medical contracts.

Charles Taze Russell, prediction for Armageddon in 1915 failed.

In 1917, the United States enters World War One, and the Rockefellers make serious money out of the war, to the tune of $200 million.

In 1917, the Rockefeller banks of Chicago and New York had on deposit from the Romanov family some $400 million in gold.  With a false statement issued that the Czar and his family dead, fraudulent bankers moved said gold into secret accounts, and the funds were used for the banks benefit.  They violated state laws, and bank regulators have condoned the actions of the Rockefeller’s.

One of the most important secret societies of the 20th century has to be the “Round Table.”  Located in Britain with branches world-wide.  The Round Table orchestrates the network of the Bilderburg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and International Affairs and funded by Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild.

The Rothschild’s had accomplished their goal, the destruction of Christian Russia, by way of the Bolshevik Revolution.


On the morning of the 17th July 1918, the former Tsar Nicholas II, and his wife, children and servants were escorted downstairs to the cellar of Ipatev House in Ekaterinburg, Siberia.  Yakov Yurovsky, of the secret police and his execution squad of six Hungarians and five Russians executed the family in cold blood.

A treaty existed, which contained a codicil, as drawn up by the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s, the financiers of Lenin, which provided safe passage for the Czar and his family into exile. However, this was not to be…

On the 16th July Fillip Goloshchekin, the Czar’s jailer, demanded they be executed based on events taking place across Russia.  Later the same day, Moscow handed down the order, that the family should be executed.

In 1919, the “Royal Institute of International Affairs” (US) its (UK) equivalent “Council on Foreign Relations,” was created with the Astor’s as its financial backers.  Its purpose was to play a major role in policy making.

Cecil Rhodes set up scholarships, attracting top men to Oxford, to be initiated into the Illuminati, and discover how to bring about a One-World-Government.

Prohibition ran across America from 1919-1933, making it illegal to manufacture, sell or transport alcoholic beverages except for medicinal purposes.

The Versailles Peace Conference was convened in 1919 in France, when elite members of the Round Table of Britain and the United States, represented their country, to discuss how to change the world, as a result of war.

Reparation payments were imposed on Germany ensuring the collapse of post-war Republic.  These Illuminati individuals supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Emile Francis DuPont graduated from Yale in 1920, a lay person within the Episcopal Church.  Pierre Samuel DuPont, member of the American Philosophical Society, presided on Delaware’s State Board of Education and President of General Motors.  The DuPont’s saved General Motors from extinction after World War One, and has watched over the company ever since.

Ramsey McDonald British Prime Minister of the 1920’s was in favour of working hand in hand with Russia’s communist regime.  He went on to rub shoulders with Illuminatus disciples.

The founders of the Morman and Jehovah Witness were of the Illuminati bloodline, according to a legal outcome of 1922, in court.

Charles Taze Russell, founded the Watchtower Society (Jehovah Witness), was of the Illuminati bloodline, founders of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University, and a Satanist.  Russell, a FreeMason and Knights Templar, promoted Zionism another of the Rothschild’s creations.

The occult practice, performed by the top thirteen families, involves the first child being adopted out to another family.  That child takes on a new surname, a new identity, which hides its true genealogy.

On the 10th September 1924, the Jehovah Witness put forward the message to its follower’s, that the Great Pyramid in Egypt provides proof of God’s throne in the Pleiades.

In 1929, the Great Depression began… Prescott Bush, father of George Bush lost all his money in the Stock Market Crash.  The Harriman’s stepped in, helping one of their own, getting him back on his feet, financially.

In 1930, Lady Nancy Astor, became the first woman Member of Parliament.

The 1930’s became the year, when the Mafia entered the U.S. organised crime, and overnight they showed their true power, buying up police and judges, nothing was safe anymore.

In 1938 Germany invaded Austria, and in 1939, they invaded Poland, and so it was World War Two had started.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill held the post; England’s Secretary of War and Prime Minister.  A confirmed Mason and Druid.

In 1940, McGeorge Bundy attends Yale University and was initiated into the Skull & Bones Order, from there he moves onto Harvard to further his education.

In the same year, he joins the army as a private, and within a year is promoted to the rank of captain.  He is part of the staff who plan the invasion of Sicily and Normandy.

In 1941, the Japanese attacks the US fleet at Pearl Harbour… America was forced into the Second World War, wanting justice for an unprovoked attack upon their fleet.

In 1942, Harvey Hollister Bundy, becomes one of the key players in the Manhattan project, and the development of the Atom Bomb.  He liaised between the War Department and the Office of Scientific Research & Development.

In 1945, World War Two comes to an end, and Adolf Hitler will always be remembered for the Holocaust, and his extermination of some six million Jews.

In 1947, William P Bundy, son of Harvey Hollister Bundy worked for Covington & Burling, a firm who represents Illuminati interests in Washington.  They assisted in the creation of a left-wing political movement in America.

In 1949, McGeorge Bundy takes up the post as assistant professor at Harvard, and in 1953 is made dean of Faculty of arts and Sciences.

In 1951, William P Bundy leaves Covington & Burling, working firstly as an analyst for the CIA, then promoted to the post of deputy director.

In Harvey Hollister Bundy takes over Carnegie Endowment for Peace, the major vehicle for the Illuminati to finance tax free projects.

In March of 1957, a branch of the Illuminati under Onassis (Mafia) kidnapped billionaire; Howard Hughes.  The Illuminati’s Mafia arm would demand money from prominent business men, if demands are not met, they would be hurt… The Mafia would step in as protectors at a price.

In 1959, Benjamin Creme, the incarnation of John the Baptist, for the anti-Christ claimed he received a telepathic message from his master; the demonic hierarchy.

Marshall McDonald, vice-president of Sinclair Oil & Gas in Tulsa (1959-1961) an active mason married into the Collins family.  Tulsa was under total control by the Illuminati.

In 1960, William P Bundy became Staff Director of the Presidential Commission on National Goods, whilst working at the CIA.

On one hand the people and congressmen vote one way, but a guiding hand, is taking us down a path to achieve Illuminati goals.

In 1961, John F Kennedy became President of the United States.  In 1963 he announced he was going to pull America out of the Vietnam War, and reduce the power of the CIA.


A few weeks later, John F Kennedy was assassinated on the 11th month, 22nd day (11×2) at the 33rd parallel (11×3) by Lee Harvey Oswald, at the Masonic Dealey Plaza.  The site of an old Masonic Lodge, during the Texas revolution… It carried all the hallmarks of Illuminati/FreeMasons involvement.

The Illuminati created the Eternal Flame monument to the slain president.  It was their way of announcing they be the force behind the assassination.  A warning to other’s… not to cross the line.

From 1961-1966, Mc George Bundy becomes the National Security Advisor, Special Assistant to the President.  He can choose what the President sees, and is told.

In 1966, McGeorge Bundy accepted the post of President of the Ford Foundation, an Illuminati foundation.  Harold Howe became Vice-President, a Skull & Bones brother, a socialist who would promote the New World Order Agenda.

On the 31st January 1967, Anton LaVey performed the first Satanic wedding in America, at the Church of Satan.  Christian communities were up in arms, that such a place existed, and a service was openly performed.

On the 19th June 1972, Time Magazine published an article on LaVey; “The Occult: A Substitute Faith.”

Robert L Dupont, former US delegate on Narcotic drugs (1973-1978) and research psychiatrist.  Francis Marguerite genetics researcher, both descendants of satanic families who believe in a One-World-Government.

The DuPont family produce many products; Cosmetics, drugs, chemicals, cleaning fluids, explosives, gunpowder etc.  They have close connections with oil, as many products are derivatives of petroleum products.

Many military produced products are produced by companies, which can be traced back to the DuPont’s.

Senator Samuel J Ervin headed the Watergate Committee and Hilary Rodham produced the legal ground work, forcing the resignation of President Nixon.

President Carter of the United States, and a Mason, and believer in a New World Order.  A Global 2000 Report was commissioned by the Club of Rome.  A Draconian plan to reduce the world’s population through wars, famine, diseases and plagues.  A post-industrial zero growth report was commissioned: The Technetronic Era, in preparation for the New World Order.

Walter Mondale, vice President (1977-1981) a confirmed puppet of the Illuminati.

The National Hospice Organisation, a movement conducted by the Hospitaller’s (Kinght of Malta) which allows old people… The Right to Die.

The Knights of Malta, their history goes back to ancient times, after the Crusades to the Holy Land.  These days euthanasia or mercy killing is frowned upon, and in many countries is illegal, as is the case in England.

St.Christopher’s Hospital in London, used to give patients a Brompton Mixture consisting of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tranquilizers and chloroform water.

In 1981, Pierre Plantard became the new Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion.

On the 1st February 1983, the Watchtower Magazine, published artwork portraying the Egyptian God; Zeus.

On the 12th December 1984, the Los Angeles Times, posted quote by Pope John Paul II,  “Don’t go to God for forgiveness of sins, come to me,”  thus the Pope is telling us he be God.

On the 20th December 1993, George Bush was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England as a Knight Grand Cross – Order of the Bath, for his leadership in the Gulf War.  He sent US soldiers to die for England’s interests.

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