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The Face of the Templars

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The Templar’s presented themselves as missionaries and God’s warriors to Christian pilgrims and the Pope.  They were perceived as saints, offering aid to the poor and needy.

On one hand, these Knights Templar appeared to be following God’s teachings.  In truth, one observed an order whose wealth grew through donations, trade, looting and piracy.  No longer were they humble men of God…

The few who discovered the true identity of the Knights Templar, dare not speak out, against such a powerful order, which had the backing of the Pope.

As the years passed by, the Templar’s wealth grew and grew, even to the point of controlling governments.  Questions were being asked, what they did behind closed doors, by many a monarch, clergy and local people.

In the early 1300’s, it reached a time when the Papacy were convinced in their mind, that these Templar’s did what they pleased, and could be a danger to the church.  They abused the privileges granted them by the Papacy.

Rumours began circulating about these Templar’s, leading to accusations, that they be performing rituals of Satanic worship, in their palaces, behind closed doors.

The Papacy faced a new enemy from within, and it fell upon Pope Clement V, to calculate what damage the Templar’s could cause to Christianity, and the Vatican.  Pope Clement V also faced much pressure, on what to do with these Templar’s from the King of France.

As we know, King Philip IV of France, ruler of a country heavily in debt to these Templar’s, he could see these men of God, taking control of France.

In 1307 King Philip was forced into a situation, where he had to go cap in hand, before the Templar’s, and ask for a loan.  Philip was stunned, that his request was denied.

Philip could take no more, these Templar’s had to go, and so it was on the 13th October 1307, the King’s men arrested these Templar’s, seizing their assets across France.

They were put on trial and accused of the following:

  • That during the reception ceremony, new brothers were required to deny Christ, God, The Virgin or the saints on the command of those receiving them.
  • That the brothers committed various sacrilegious acts either on the cross or on an image of Christ.
  • That the receptors practised obscene kisses on new entrants, on the mouth, navel or buttocks.
  • That the priests of the Order did not consecrate the host, and that the brothers did not believe in the sacraments.
  • That the brothers practised idol worship of a cat or a head.
  • That the brothers encouraged and permitted the practice of sodomy.

Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar Order was burnt at the stake on the 18th March 1314, in the shadow of the Notre Dame in Paris, on trumped up charges of heresy.

Jacques de Molay cried out to his God, as flames burned around him, that King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V, his accusers should join him… Within a year, both had died.

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