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The Green Man

Green Man

The Green Man

A major Templar site, the famed Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, has a number of these Green Man carvings upon its walls, which suggests that the Templar’s recognised the Green Man as an ancient source of their idiosyncratic beliefs.

Often portrayed as a head with foliage growing from its mouth, the Green Man carvings represent fertility, growth of nature.  Although one assumes that the carvings are of Celtic origin this is not the case, being discovered in Borneo, Himalayas, Kathmandu, Ranakpur temples and chapels.

Being the primal King of the world, the Green Man is known by many legendary names; Osiris and Lucifer.  He is the life force, so he has the ability to manifest at any time, in any practical form, that meets the appropriate dress code of the area.

Templar sites were found on former sites where once the Druids built their temples.  Notre Dame Cathedral built by the Templar’s was one of many which sits upon pagan ground.

Chartres Cathedral in France does not have a single King, Bishop, Cardinal or Canon interred in its soil, being built upon a former pagan site.

Womb of the Earth

Womb of the Earth

The original altar built above the Grotte des Druides, houses a sacred dolmen, being identified with the “Womb of the Earth.”

Our Lady of Light

Our Lady of Light

Many of the architectural drawings for the finer parts of Gothic Cathedrals were obtained from a 2nd century Greek alchemical manuscript and dedicated to the patron of France;  Notre Dame de Lumiere (Our Lady of Light).  This design believed to be one of the most sacred designs on earth.

Other than Green Man carvings, Gothic styled Cathedrals were built with esoteric imagery and other pagan structures.  Cathedrals contained astronomical symbolisms of Gods and fables of cosmic creations.  The Gods were deemed as representations of planets and stars; the heavenly bodies of the universe.

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Symbols found within Gothic Cathedrals, were known to convey strong messages about the power of feminine.  The Labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France refers to female mysteries.  This place is not for the praise of the Virgin Mary, because it is the home of the Black Madonna – Our Lady of the Underworld.


The Baphomet introduced by the Templars proved beyond doubt that the Knights Templar were Gnostic Occultists.  Their idol was used in many rituals by the order, its purpose to receive wisdom.

Levi a French Occultist depicted the Baphomet as that of a hybrid goat, containing spiritual and universal elements, revealing esoteric knowledge.

Central to the accusations brought against the Knights Templar at their trials, was that they worshipped an idol named Baphomet, said to have taken the form of a head.

The Baphomet is one aspect of the Templar myths which generate so many theories as to its true origins.  The interest in Baphomet has survived for hundreds of years and taken many forms.  The opinions on the Baphomet vary greatly from scholar to scholar and mystic path to mystic path.

Some describe the Templars as Devil worshipping Occultists, while historians are of the belief that the Templar’s were party to the machinations of corrupt government and church.  Some believe “Baphomet was the deity worshipped by the Knights Templar, and in Black Magic as the source and creator of evil; the Satanic goat of witches.

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4 thoughts on “The Green Man

  1. The Baphomet is a deceive full creature from olden golden days. History which has been past on by predecessor based on the fight of good and evil. That is why it is one hand is up and the other one down. He is usually backed up by the snake that describes his intentions. It has been a warning past one by our ancestors. Graphic art was the only way to unmask the creature then. As time went on the Templars found out that there was more to be identified of its evil deeds which was all ready stated in the Bible. They learned the truth first hand and passed the information to one another. “ Be ware of he who says who he is, but he is not “. The Templars were unmasking the truth of the evil doers and the only way to expose them was with graphic art as a warning to their followers and as a warning to those that practice the deceitful hand especially the hand of a woman, the half light moon or the dark moon, the body of an inhuman like creature, the worship of the head of a black goat, the the five pointed deceive full star belief which encourages people to worship it drawing them away from god because of their changed beliefs only to fall into darkness as it has been written. The black goat with the star tat draws knowledge from the under world. All this things had been unmasked by the Templars during their crusades realizing that the enemy was much closer than the thought. To be exact they were at the foot steps of the Church. The evil graphic art at the entrance of a church or a building was a message unto them stating that “ we know who you are, we know what you believe, and we know what you practice”. It’s a warning to all past on by the Templars. Do not be misled it means what it means, one is and one is evil. The dark side infiltrated their organization and there came the twisted lie. Study it, know it, learn it, and beware of it. Life has more common sense which people seem to ignore


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