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The Templar State

Switzerland Map

Is there any connection between Knights Templar and Switzerland?

With the loss of the Holy Land, it was no secret that the Templars had designs on creating their own state.  We are left in no doubt that the Order of Templars managed to carve out their own nation.  The Templar State was and is Switzerland.

Templars escaping prosecution and arrests in France and other European countries, needed somewhere to regroup.  They chose the confederation of cantons, now known as Switzerland.


  • The founding of Switzerland and the period in France, that these Templars were being persecuted.
  • Switzerland is located to the east of France, and Templar brothers would seek safety within its borders.
  • Tales exist of white coated knights crossing borders from France into Switzerland. Stories mention assistance given to locals, for them to gain independence from foreign domination.
  • Known Templars created their own banking system, and played major parts in farming and engineering. Some aspects can be observed, in their gradual evolution and creation of the states which would make up Switzerland.
  • The famous Templar Cross is part of the flags of many Swiss Cantons. As are other emblems such as keys, that carry much importance to the Order of the Knights Templar.

Large numbers of Templars found sanctuary in Scotland. Robert the Bruce the only 14th century monarch with no love for the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.  These knights took up arms against the English, for Scotland’s Independence, infiltrating Mason’s Lodges and then brought them under Templar control.  Today these same lodges are; Freemason Lodges.

Rosslyn Chapel home of the Sinclair knights, members of the Templar Order.  These warriors were buried along with their treasure in the chapel crypt.

According to Masonic history, some 30,000 – 40,000 Templars escaped the inquisition by wearing Masons cloth and mingling with them.  Other’s fled abroad using the “Laissez passer” which equates to free passage given to Masons.

Some Templars fled France and capture, escaping to Spain, joining other Holy Orders; Caltrava and Alcantra.  Others headed for Portugal and took on the new name, the Order of Christ.  Others are known to have fled to Germany and joined forces with the Teutonic Knights.  In England, Templars were rounded up and arrested, and under went interrogation.  As quickly as they were arrested, they were released.

The Templars disappeared from history until 1804, when Bernard-Raymond Fabre Palaprat became Grand Master.  In 1814 discovered a handwritten bible in Greek, with the last two chapters missing.  It contained a list of Grand Masters of the Templar Order from 1154 through to 1314.

In 1315, Duke Leopold of Habsburg attacked several hundred men with his force of 2,000 knights and 9,000 foot soldiers… expecting little resistance.  He was in for a surprise, as the Swiss possessed a new weapon, the “Halberd” which was mounted on a long pole, capable of bringing down horses and used like a lance.  Leopold lost almost 2,000 warriors that day, and was forced to retreat.

Templar Knights that had escaped from France, crossed the border into Switzerland and were granted sanctuary, bringing with them their military expertise and Templar treasure… buying their way into this new country.

The Templar’s were Europe’s bankers from the 11th – 14th century, now the largest banking and financial institutions of Europe are located in Switzerland.

On the 22nd January 1506, one hundred and ninety-nine years after the arrest of Jacques de Molay in France, the Vatican created the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

One hundred and fifty Swiss soldiers under the command of Captain Kasparvon Silenen of Canton Uri, passed through the Vatican and were blessed by Pope Julius II.

Historical accounts have suggested, with the death of Jacques de Molay, Templar survivors planned a conspiracy.  It is believed Templars sought to bring down the Papacy and Kingdoms that declared they be illegal.  This secret mission was handed down, until it passed to the Illuminati and Freemason’s.

Its been accepted, Freemasons played an active role in the downfall of the French Monarchy, and the French Revolution.  When King Louis XVI was guillotined in Paris, one among the crowd shouted out; “Jacques de Molay, you have been avenged.”

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