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Knights Templar 8th Grand Master: Odo de St.Amand

Odo de St.Amand

Odo de St.Amand was born around 1110 AD, to an aristocratic family from Limousin, France.

He served as Marshal of Jerusalem, before joining the Order of the Knights Templar in 1128.  Philip de Milly the 7th Grand Master of the Templar Order resigned in 1171, to become an Ambassador.  Ode de St.Amand was elected the 8th Grand Master of the Knights Templar in 1171.

Rules are rules, to be followed to the letter according to Odo.  An incident of 1172, a Templar knight was accused of taking the life of an Ismaeli dignitary.  King Amalric I demanded justice, that the Templar knight be handed over to him, Odo refused, citing the Papal Bull, which places the Templar Order solely under the Pope’s authority.

On the 25th November 1177, at the “Battle of Montgisard” Templar’s defeated Saladin’s army in Ramia.  Fought between the Templar Christian forces, comprising of 375 knights, 80 knights Templar and several thousand foot soldiers against Saladin’s force of 27,000 men.  Saladin escaped such a deadly and organised assault by a smaller army.

Odo oversaw the construction of Chastellet Fortress, an impregnable build near Jacob’s Ford in Jordan.  In 1179 Saladin’s attack upon Jerusalem was thwarted by Chastellet Fortress.

After Saladin’s defeat, Christian forces inflicted an assault at the “Battle of Marj Ayun” upon Saladin.  By this time Saladin had reorganised his forces, defeating the Christian forces and taking prisoners, including Odo de St.Amand the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Odo de St. Amand refused to be ransomed in accordance with the Templar Rule, and so it was he died in captivity in chains in 1180.

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