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Priory of Sion Grand Master: Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

England was being torn apart by civil war and plague, and amidst this a premature Isaac Newton was being born into this world on the 25th December 1642, with little hope of survival.  Against all odds, Isaac survived, and home was Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire.

1642: Isaac’s father, a farmer died some three months before his son was born.

1645: Isaac’s mother re-married, and he was raised by his grandmother.  He grew up to hate his stepfather, whilst his mother had hoped he would run the family farm.

Newton attended Grantham School, and found an interest in mechanics and technology, which led him down the path of inventing sundials.  Yet his life was set on a different path, an intellectual path.

1661: Newton attended Trinity College, Cambridge.  Isaac Barrow his professor of mathematics and his mentor, steered him towards solving mathematical issues.  For this he used Calculus, explaining how the universe was ruled by mechanical laws.

1665: Cambridge University was forced to shut its doors, as the plague spread across our lands.  Newton had no option but to return home.

1671: Newton, re-designed the humble telescope, with the use of mirrors instead of lenses, which brought praise from the Royal Society.

1679: With his mother on her deathbed, Newton returned to the family home of Woolsthorpe, embarking on a period of self-exposed exile, to carry out his research.  His research led him down the path towards alchemy; the study of nature and life, the medieval forerunner of chemistry.  Alchemists like Nicolas Flamel, sought to turn metal into gold.

1684: German philosopher; Gottfried Leibniz published mathematical articles, how equations could be used to describe the physical world.  Newton claimed he had done this twenty years earlier, yet it was never published.  Newton believed Leibniz had stolen his work, and as a result the two became bitter enemies.

1687: Newton published the “Philosophiae  Naturalis Principia Mathematica” the culmination of twenty years of thought and two years in the writing.  It outlined his theory of universal gravitation which equalled a mathematical description of the universe.

1689: Newton had made his name as a philosopher, and was attracted down a new path, that of a politician.  Newton fought King James II’s religious reforms, which led to him being elected as a member of parliament.

1691: Isaac Newton was elected to the post of Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

1693: In mid-1693, Newton suffered a nervous breakdown, but he still retained his public reputation, and soon after became warden of the Royal Mint.

1696: 17th century finances lay in crisis, as many coins were forgeries.  Under Newton’s rule, old currency was recalled and a new issue released, and counterfeiters were prosecuted.

1700: Newton was appointed Master of the Mint, a post he held for the rest of his remaining years.

1713: The Royal Society commissioned a committee to decide who invented Calculus; Isaac Newton or his arch enemy Gottfried Leibniz.  The committee voted in favour of Newton, yet Leibniz refused to concede defeat, and the feud would last until the death of both men.

1727: On the 20th March Isaac Newton celebrated philosopher died, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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