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Knights Templar: Masonic Funerals

A gesture which is depicted in Knights Templar carvings found on the walls of Royston Cave in England.  The position of the arms, has the left arm bent ninety degrees in a square, and the right arm bent at a lesser angle.

Do these poses suggest some type of connection to the beginnings of a latent Masonic ritual, if so, the question has to be asked… why?  If a secret society did exist in medieval Europe, it would have been far easier to conceal a symbol, within a painting. Tales still exist to this day that the bleeding body of Jesus is laid upon, what would be known as the ‘Shroud of Turin.’

Some historians have put forward the suggestion, that the altar with its Templar Cross, conceals remnant ashes belonging to Jacques de Molay.


Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers written by Scott F Walter.

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