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Knights TemplarMy passion in my teenage years, involved researching our history, along with my love of photography.  Photography being the stepping stone which led me to writing about history, and study of English History, which led me down the path towards the Crusades and the Knights Templar.

This site will consist of articles on Knights Templar – Crusades in the Holy Land.

If one looks through history of the Crusades we find many other military orders and secret societies were created during the crusades or shortly thereafter; Knights of Malta, Freemasons and Illuminati who are still in existence to this day, with a long and varied history.  It is my intention to tell of their creation, their history through to present times.

As I have got older, and reach my retirement, I yearn to discover more about the history of the crusades: Events – Warriors – Buildings – Holy Men -Myths and Legends, and ask what happened to their treasures?  If one does not try, one will never know.

So come join my journey…


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