Modern Illuminati Timeline (2/2)


The higher status members started creating innocent sounding names, to transfer attention away from them, covering up their meetings in 1901.  The Astor family contributed in the creation of the “Pilgrim Society,” a cover organization for American and British Illuminati members.

In 1902, Ava Alice Muriel Astor, was born, she was an occultist, and believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and disciple of Ikhnaton.

The Astor’s, one of the top thirteen families, who don’t obey our laws, for they believe they are the law of the land.  They are billionaires many times over, yet, that will mean nothing when they come face to face with their creator on Judgement Day.

Aleister Crowley believed he received words from Horus; God of Force and Fire, the child of Isis and Osiris on the 8th – 9th – 10th April 1904.

Edward S Van Duyn, surgeon born in Syracuse in 1872.  During World War One, served in the Medical Corps in France.  Attended the Unitarian Church which had links to Wicca.

In 1910, Coleman DuPont and Charles Taft, brother of President Taft, went into business, to build the McAlpin Hotel in New York, this was the start of a profitable venture, leading to more hotels.

Coleman purchased New York Equitable Life Assurance, as he rose up the ladder in the Illuminati elite.  He became director of the Union National Bank in Wilmington, President of Central Coal and Iron.

During World War One, the DuPont’s made serious money, through their gunpowder business, which led to the acquisition of General Motors.  The DuPont’s moved into the world of chemicals, safety glass, paints, photographic film and drugs etc.

Alfred Victor DuPont, served as a private in the marines during World War One.  At the outbreak of the Second World War, he became a consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Astor’s assisted in the creation of the “Round Table Illuminati Groups.”  Rhodes and Milner were main players in the creation of the “Society of the Elect,” secret circle of top illuminati’s.

Adolf Hitler was financed into a position of power in 1913 by W.Averell Harriman, an active Illuminati member.  Paul Warburg was behind the creation of the privately owned “Central Bank of America: The Federal Reserve.”

In 1914, the Watchtower Society (Jehovah Witness) explained to its followers, that although secular governments were still in place, in their eyes, their rule was no longer valid.

John Shaw Todd, a corrupt police lieutenant, was appointed Director of Public Health and Welfare in Massachusetts in 1915.  He was in the position to approve construction and medical contracts.

Charles Taze Russell, prediction for Armageddon in 1915 failed.

In 1917, the United States enters World War One, and the Rockefellers make serious money out of the war, to the tune of $200 million.

In 1917, the Rockefeller banks of Chicago and New York had on deposit from the Romanov family some $400 million in gold.  With a false statement issued that the Czar and his family dead, fraudulent bankers moved said gold into secret accounts, and the funds were used for the banks benefit.  They violated state laws, and bank regulators have condoned the actions of the Rockefeller’s.

One of the most important secret societies of the 20th century has to be the “Round Table.”  Located in Britain with branches world-wide.  The Round Table orchestrates the network of the Bilderburg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and International Affairs and funded by Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild.

The Rothschild’s had accomplished their goal, the destruction of Christian Russia, by way of the Bolshevik Revolution.


On the morning of the 17th July 1918, the former Tsar Nicholas II, and his wife, children and servants were escorted downstairs to the cellar of Ipatev House in Ekaterinburg, Siberia.  Yakov Yurovsky, of the secret police and his execution squad of six Hungarians and five Russians executed the family in cold blood.

A treaty existed, which contained a codicil, as drawn up by the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s, the financiers of Lenin, which provided safe passage for the Czar and his family into exile. However, this was not to be…

On the 16th July Fillip Goloshchekin, the Czar’s jailer, demanded they be executed based on events taking place across Russia.  Later the same day, Moscow handed down the order, that the family should be executed.

In 1919, the “Royal Institute of International Affairs” (US) its (UK) equivalent “Council on Foreign Relations,” was created with the Astor’s as its financial backers.  Its purpose was to play a major role in policy making.

Cecil Rhodes set up scholarships, attracting top men to Oxford, to be initiated into the Illuminati, and discover how to bring about a One-World-Government.

Prohibition ran across America from 1919-1933, making it illegal to manufacture, sell or transport alcoholic beverages except for medicinal purposes.

The Versailles Peace Conference was convened in 1919 in France, when elite members of the Round Table of Britain and the United States, represented their country, to discuss how to change the world, as a result of war.

Reparation payments were imposed on Germany ensuring the collapse of post-war Republic.  These Illuminati individuals supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Emile Francis DuPont graduated from Yale in 1920, a lay person within the Episcopal Church.  Pierre Samuel DuPont, member of the American Philosophical Society, presided on Delaware’s State Board of Education and President of General Motors.  The DuPont’s saved General Motors from extinction after World War One, and has watched over the company ever since.

Ramsey McDonald British Prime Minister of the 1920’s was in favour of working hand in hand with Russia’s communist regime.  He went on to rub shoulders with Illuminatus disciples.

The founders of the Morman and Jehovah Witness were of the Illuminati bloodline, according to a legal outcome of 1922, in court.

Charles Taze Russell, founded the Watchtower Society (Jehovah Witness), was of the Illuminati bloodline, founders of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University, and a Satanist.  Russell, a FreeMason and Knights Templar, promoted Zionism another of the Rothschild’s creations.

The occult practice, performed by the top thirteen families, involves the first child being adopted out to another family.  That child takes on a new surname, a new identity, which hides its true genealogy.

On the 10th September 1924, the Jehovah Witness put forward the message to its follower’s, that the Great Pyramid in Egypt provides proof of God’s throne in the Pleiades.

In 1929, the Great Depression began… Prescott Bush, father of George Bush lost all his money in the Stock Market Crash.  The Harriman’s stepped in, helping one of their own, getting him back on his feet, financially.

In 1930, Lady Nancy Astor, became the first woman Member of Parliament.

The 1930’s became the year, when the Mafia entered the U.S. organised crime, and overnight they showed their true power, buying up police and judges, nothing was safe anymore.

In 1938 Germany invaded Austria, and in 1939, they invaded Poland, and so it was World War Two had started.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill held the post; England’s Secretary of War and Prime Minister.  A confirmed Mason and Druid.

In 1940, McGeorge Bundy attends Yale University and was initiated into the Skull & Bones Order, from there he moves onto Harvard to further his education.

In the same year, he joins the army as a private, and within a year is promoted to the rank of captain.  He is part of the staff who plan the invasion of Sicily and Normandy.

In 1941, the Japanese attacks the US fleet at Pearl Harbour… America was forced into the Second World War, wanting justice for an unprovoked attack upon their fleet.

In 1942, Harvey Hollister Bundy, becomes one of the key players in the Manhattan project, and the development of the Atom Bomb.  He liaised between the War Department and the Office of Scientific Research & Development.

In 1945, World War Two comes to an end, and Adolf Hitler will always be remembered for the Holocaust, and his extermination of some six million Jews.

In 1947, William P Bundy, son of Harvey Hollister Bundy worked for Covington & Burling, a firm who represents Illuminati interests in Washington.  They assisted in the creation of a left-wing political movement in America.

In 1949, McGeorge Bundy takes up the post as assistant professor at Harvard, and in 1953 is made dean of Faculty of arts and Sciences.

In 1951, William P Bundy leaves Covington & Burling, working firstly as an analyst for the CIA, then promoted to the post of deputy director.

In Harvey Hollister Bundy takes over Carnegie Endowment for Peace, the major vehicle for the Illuminati to finance tax free projects.

In March of 1957, a branch of the Illuminati under Onassis (Mafia) kidnapped billionaire; Howard Hughes.  The Illuminati’s Mafia arm would demand money from prominent business men, if demands are not met, they would be hurt… The Mafia would step in as protectors at a price.

In 1959, Benjamin Creme, the incarnation of John the Baptist, for the anti-Christ claimed he received a telepathic message from his master; the demonic hierarchy.

Marshall McDonald, vice-president of Sinclair Oil & Gas in Tulsa (1959-1961) an active mason married into the Collins family.  Tulsa was under total control by the Illuminati.

In 1960, William P Bundy became Staff Director of the Presidential Commission on National Goods, whilst working at the CIA.

On one hand the people and congressmen vote one way, but a guiding hand, is taking us down a path to achieve Illuminati goals.

In 1961, John F Kennedy became President of the United States.  In 1963 he announced he was going to pull America out of the Vietnam War, and reduce the power of the CIA.


A few weeks later, John F Kennedy was assassinated on the 11th month, 22nd day (11×2) at the 33rd parallel (11×3) by Lee Harvey Oswald, at the Masonic Dealey Plaza.  The site of an old Masonic Lodge, during the Texas revolution… It carried all the hallmarks of Illuminati/FreeMasons involvement.

The Illuminati created the Eternal Flame monument to the slain president.  It was their way of announcing they be the force behind the assassination.  A warning to other’s… not to cross the line.

From 1961-1966, Mc George Bundy becomes the National Security Advisor, Special Assistant to the President.  He can choose what the President sees, and is told.

In 1966, McGeorge Bundy accepted the post of President of the Ford Foundation, an Illuminati foundation.  Harold Howe became Vice-President, a Skull & Bones brother, a socialist who would promote the New World Order Agenda.

On the 31st January 1967, Anton LaVey performed the first Satanic wedding in America, at the Church of Satan.  Christian communities were up in arms, that such a place existed, and a service was openly performed.

On the 19th June 1972, Time Magazine published an article on LaVey; “The Occult: A Substitute Faith.”

Robert L Dupont, former US delegate on Narcotic drugs (1973-1978) and research psychiatrist.  Francis Marguerite genetics researcher, both descendants of satanic families who believe in a One-World-Government.

The DuPont family produce many products; Cosmetics, drugs, chemicals, cleaning fluids, explosives, gunpowder etc.  They have close connections with oil, as many products are derivatives of petroleum products.

Many military produced products are produced by companies, which can be traced back to the DuPont’s.

Senator Samuel J Ervin headed the Watergate Committee and Hilary Rodham produced the legal ground work, forcing the resignation of President Nixon.

President Carter of the United States, and a Mason, and believer in a New World Order.  A Global 2000 Report was commissioned by the Club of Rome.  A Draconian plan to reduce the world’s population through wars, famine, diseases and plagues.  A post-industrial zero growth report was commissioned: The Technetronic Era, in preparation for the New World Order.

Walter Mondale, vice President (1977-1981) a confirmed puppet of the Illuminati.

The National Hospice Organisation, a movement conducted by the Hospitaller’s (Kinght of Malta) which allows old people… The Right to Die.

The Knights of Malta, their history goes back to ancient times, after the Crusades to the Holy Land.  These days euthanasia or mercy killing is frowned upon, and in many countries is illegal, as is the case in England.

St.Christopher’s Hospital in London, used to give patients a Brompton Mixture consisting of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tranquilizers and chloroform water.

In 1981, Pierre Plantard became the new Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion.

On the 1st February 1983, the Watchtower Magazine, published artwork portraying the Egyptian God; Zeus.

On the 12th December 1984, the Los Angeles Times, posted quote by Pope John Paul II,  “Don’t go to God for forgiveness of sins, come to me,”  thus the Pope is telling us he be God.

On the 20th December 1993, George Bush was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England as a Knight Grand Cross – Order of the Bath, for his leadership in the Gulf War.  He sent US soldiers to die for England’s interests.

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Modern Illuminati Timeline (1/2)


The Illuminati; one of those secret societies, a shadowy like organisation, shrouded in myth and legend.  They have been credited with manipulation of world events, a secret power which controls everything, from behind the scenes.

Bavarian Professor “Adam Weishaupt,” graduated in 1768 from the University of Ingolstadt, with a doctorate in law.

He sought a change, from Jesuits rule, which brought about a secret group being formed: The Illuminati on the 1st May 1776, with the Owl of Minerva as the group’s symbol, who represents the goddess of wisdom.

The use of Illuminati symbols in modern times tells us that the secret society is still in operation, controlling many world events.  The “All-Seeing Eye” associated with the order and the pyramid on the American one dollar bill, is said to represent the hierarchy of the order.  An unfinished image, means their goals, are as yet not completed.

The Pentagram, a symbol used by the Illuminati, in the practice of Black Magic.

French FreeMasons orchestrated the French Revolution against the Catholic Church and the Monarchy in 1789.  The Illuminists played their part by manipulating the grain market, causing shortages and rising bread prices, leading to poverty and famine across France, putting the country on the path towards evolution.

These Illuminists claimed that revolution would be better for its people and France.  This from conspirators who held up food supplies, blocked reforms in France’s National Assembly, as the people starved.

As the revolution started, the Jacobins’s most of whom were FreeMasons, created a campaign of terror.  Royalists and church members were sent to the guillotine.  King Louis XVI, descendant of King Philip IV was beheaded to cheers from the crowds.  France was drowning in a sea of blood.

“Jacques de Molay,” last Templar Grand Master had been avenged for his death.  The French Monarchy had been dealt a deathly blow, one which would not be forgotten.

The Duc d’Orleans, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, head of the French masons, along with two key Masons and Illuminists; Talleyrand and Mirabeau, started the Jacobins.  These Jacobins were an illuminized form of FreeMasons, presided over by George Jacques Danton o FreeMason.

A highly secret body of 300 key FreeMasons ruled France during its revolution.

The Prussian born Baron Anacharsis Clootz, a FreeMason and Illuminati member, and disciple of Adam Weishaupt, understood what he was trying to achieve; Socialism and Communism.  The French Revolution started out with satanic hierarchy, by November 1793, its true colours could be witnessed, in the campaign against religion.  A priest in France’s Revolutionary times would be killed, without question.

Henri de St.Simon laid out his ideas and plans for a European unity.  Sain Simon an Illuminatus suggested in the early 1800’s, in order to rearrange the world into a New Order, a number of events need to occur.

  • Two canals, one through the Suez, and the other through the Panama, creating interdependence between nations, and a dam on the Nile.
  • The technical transformation of the earth, and the biological creation of new “Androgynous Humanoid.” Progress would be achieved through revolutions.
  • Simon wanted to have a child with Madame de Stall, which would become the Anti-Christ.

As we know, their intentions never happened.

In 1807, President Jefferson and Secretary Gallatin, both members of the Illuminati, gave John Jacob Astor, special government privilege to sail his ship laden with fur, at a time when an embargo had been placed upon US ships.

Astor, his fur company had no scruples, fur trappers were paid with letters of credit, but never lived long enough to cash them in, they were murdered by his men, and so his company assets grew.

In 1812, Astor worked closely with George Clinton an Illuminati member on land deals.  John Coleman discovered Astor was a British Secret Agent.

DeWit Clinton, losing Presidential candidate was associated with the Illuminati, in the early history of the United States.  George Clinton was vice-president to Thomas Jefferson, and DeWit Clinton’s uncle.

Sir John A McDonald (1815-1891) was the first Prime Minister of Canada, a FreeMason, Knight of the Order of Bath, Knights Templar and member of the Lafayette Royal Arch Chapter of Washington DC.

Jehovah’s Witness can trace their origins to 19th century Adventist movement in America.  William Miller started the movement in 1816, he a Baptist lay preacher, proclaiming Christ’s return in 1843 then 1844.  Alas the promised Second Coming date came and went.

With the exposure of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1818, the central occult power, of European secret societies shifted to “Carbonarism aka the Alta Vendita,” led by Karl Rothschild.

The Masons were highly distressed in 1818, when a secret document; “Permanent Instructions – Practical Code of Rules,” sent to them from the Alta Vendita was lost.  Panic rained amongst their leaders, which led to offers of reward for its return.

The Rothschild’s were Satanists and adopted the hexagram symbol in 1822 for their coat of arms.

Henry Clay, losing presidential candidate and Grand Master Mason of Kentucky in 1824, held close ties to the Illuminati DuPont’s.  The DuPont’s played a major part in the building of the American capital, which was laid out and constructed with many occult patterns.

In 1833 Samuel Francis DuPont married cousin Sophie Madeleine DuPont.  The DuPont’s and Cazenoves intermarried, creating DuPont’s French lineage.

One Zevi Hirsh Kalischer proposed a venture to the Rothschild family in 1836, that they purchase Erez Israel.  So it was, the Rothschild became the main force behind the creation of Israel, and appropriately carries the “Seal of Solomon” as its logo.

In the 1840’s John Anderson Collins was involved with the Illuminati plots involving Unitarians – Rosicrucians – Masons in the creation of militant abolitionists, in the waging of war against the south.

In 1841, William Collins Witney, was the power behind President Cleveland.  William Collins Witney married Flora Payne, whose family were linked with the Rockefellers and Standard Oil.  William’s son; Harry Payne Whitney married Gertrude Vanderbilt in 1896.

In 1844 John Bartholomew McDonald was born, and became railway engineer, who built New York’s subway system.  His family had links to the Vanderbilt’s and as such got prime contracts.

William Collins Whitney was initiated into the Skull & Bones in 1863, he had two sons, both of whom became members of the Illuminati and the Order of Skull & Bones.

Jean Henri Dunant founded the Red Cross in 1864, and in 1901 received the Nobel Prize for Peace.  This Mason promoted interest in the treatment of prisoners of war, the abolition of slavery, and called for a Jewish homeland.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln on the 14th april 1865 in Ford’s Theatre in Washington, by John Wilkes Booth, a known Mason, sent shock waves across the country… Overnight Booth became the most wanted, most hunted man.

Charles Taze Russell, a Knights Templar, FreeMason, Illuminati, also held a secret membership of the Rosicrucians.  His satanic bloodline founded the International Bible Students Association, forerunners of the Jehovah Witness.

Astor Waldorf owned England’s Observer newspaper.  FreeMasons and Illuminati were taking over ownerships of NewsPaper and Television and the Movies in Holywood.  The Astor’s were involved in the movement against alcoholic drink, which later led to Prohibition.  The Kennedy and Onassis Illuminati families got rich quick during prohibition times, by their involvement in boot-legging.

In 1886 Frederic Aguste Barthold, a confirmed Mason, undertook the commission to build, to create a sculpture which would stand in New York harbour; “The Statue of Liberty.”  One hundred and thirty one years later, it still stands as a constant reminder.

The Rothschild’s became a powerful family in FreeMason’s.  Their money led to the creation of Jewish colonies in Palestine.  Part of a letter written by Charles T Russell founder of the Jehovah Witness:

What is needed here, therefore, next to water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the poor from the ravenous and the wealthy.  Banking institutions on sound bases, and doing business honourably, are also greatly needed.

In 1891, the Rothschild’s supported Rhodes and created DeBeers.  Seven wills were drawn up by Rhodes, establishing a secret society based around Jesuits and Masons.  Its aim to create a One-World-Government created around Britain and the Rhodes Scholarships.

In 1891 Jehovah Witnesses were taught that God resided on the star Alcyone, from where he governed the universe.  This was based on text found within their bible.

In 1896, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney married Marie Norton, who wentg on to marry W. Averell Harriman, the man who helped finance Hitler and gain his power.

lusitania-on-fireIn 1899, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt was sent a telegram, a warning not to sail on the Lusitania, because there was a chance it could be sunk by German submarines.  He never received the telegram, and sailed to his death…

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Adam Weishaupt: Creator of Modern Illuminati

adam-weishauptOn the 6th February 1748, Adam Weishaupt was born, the son of George Weishaupt, a rabbi in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.  In 1753, his father died, and his tutelage was taken over by his grandfather and godfather; Johann Adam Freiherr von Ickstatt.

Adam Weishaupt’s early years, following the regime of the Jewish faith, were abandoned after his father’s death in 1753.

At the age of seven, Weishaupt’s education commenced at a Jesuit school, then onto the University of Ingolstadt, where he studied law, economics, politics, history and the occult.  In 1768, became a professor of law and in 1773 a professor in cannon law, following Pope Clement XIV suppression of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order).

Over the next few years, travelled through France, and on the 1st May 1776, founded the Illuminati and was initiated into the Order of Freemasons in Munich 1777.

His mission for the order was the abolition of all monarchical governments and state religions across Europe.

On the 22nd June 1784, documents written by Adam Weishaupt were discovered at his home.  They detailed the control of Masons and the overthrow of European Monarchies, and an end to the Catholic Church.

The authorities ordered the arrest and prosecution of all Freemasons and Illuminati members.

The Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, a member of the Freemasons and Illuminati, assisted Adam Weishaupt and his family escape prosecution.  He lived the remainder of his life in Gotha, under the protection of the Duke until his death on the 18th November 1830.  He renounced the Catholic faith, right up to his death.

According to the writings of Weishaupt, he was not opposed to religion, just the way it was imposed and practiced.  He wanted to create a state of liberty and moral equality, free from obstacles, which are continually thrown in our way.

His lasting contribution, secret societies which linger behind the scenes, pulling the levers of power.

The Illuminati seek a “One-World-Government.”

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Secret Societies: Birth of Illuminati


The creation of the Illuminati, first came to light, in the run up to the French Revolution of July 1789, yet their history goes way back, to the time of King David in Egypt.

The symbol of the Hexagram, is one we associate with Illuminists.  Solomon the son of King David, worshipped Ashtoreth (Star, also known as Astarte).

Solomon built altars to his god Star (Astarte aka Ashtoreth).  The god Saturn is associated with Star.  History tells us that the City of Rome, was originally referred to as Saturnia or City of Saturn.

Many of the rituals of Saturn, are retained by the Roman Catholic Church, and play a part in their forms of worship.  Saturn is Lucifer, and associated with evil, and played a major role in the religion of Mithra and Druidism.

In 1128, the Order of the Knights Templar was created by the Prieure de Sion, under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church to offer protection to pilgrims following the First Crusade.

The Prieure claim they be the guardians of the Holy Grail, which represents the royal blood of Jesus, being heir to the throne in the Temple at Jerusalem.

In 1513, Sir William Sinclair died, he who introduced Enochian Magick to Scotland.  Which led to the creation of Scotland’s Illuminatism and the Watchtower Society.

Two popular phrases amongst Satanists, who used Magick was Millennial Dawn and Golden Age, also referred to as New Age, the title of the Masons magazine.

In 1536 John Calvin penned the “Institutes of the Christian Religion” which he dedicated to the King of France.  Calvin was so hated by the Jesuits, he was driven into exile from France, residing in Geneva, where he became Governor.

In 1581, John Dee of Queen Elizabeth I’s court and Edward Kelley researched contact with spiritual , which they conveyed in the Enochian language.  Dee took his research further with the Enochian system of magick, which in later years was further develoed by magicians.

One Aleister Crowley claimed to be the reincarnation of Edward Kelley.

In the early part of the 1590’s, Sir Francis Bacon, detailed his plans for the colonisation of North America.  He of the Rosicrucian Society, who went on to establish the secret society; Knights of the Helmet.

According to the writings of George V Tudhope (Masonic Author), he credits Francis Bacon with the creation of modern freemasonry.

Occult activities undertaken by our Masonic forefather’s were following a vision laid out by Francis Bacon, who claimed he was being led by his “Guiding Spirit.”

In 1613, Prieure de Sion showed interest in Scotland, where Knight’s Templar had thrived against the backdrop of the Pope, who had outlawed the order.  Scotland had become a hotbed of occult activity.

Merovingian descendants and Prieure de Sion guarded the sacred blood line, of the House of David, that had been created by Satan in Southern France.  It wove its bloodline into Europe’s royal households, and are known to be Jewish in origin.

In 1630, the Phelps family associated by the Taft family (President Taft) created the “Skull & Bones Order” in America.

In 1658, William Patterson was born in Scotland, and aged seventeen went to Bristol, and then the Bahamas to make his fortune.  He made a name for himself, becoming a successful merchant, and some of his ventures involved sailing with the pirate; Morgan.  He invested his fortune in banking, and in 1694 created the “Bank of England” becoming its director.

In 1688, the Illuminati had its financial headquarters based in Amsterdam.  That same year William of Orange deposed King James II of England, forcing his abdication.  After William’s victory, the Illuminati moved its headquarters to London.

Somerled; King of Argyll, he of Norse-Gaelic descent.  A powerful figure in Scottish politics, who rarely recognized the authority of King Malcolm IV of Scotland.

Somerled’s son was Ranald, and his son was Donald, who became Argus Mor McDonald, whose own grandson married MacRorie, becoming “Lordship of the Isles.”

The MacDonalds were chiefs, and many families sought their protection, even to the point of taking their name.  It is highly likely that some Knights Templar bloodlines, ended up as McDonalds.  In 1692 the McDonald’s of Glencoe were massacred by the English, rooting out Francis Stewart sympathizers.

Francis Stewart; Grand Master of witchcraft covens in the Glencoe area was supported by the McDonalds.  These McDonalds also participated in acts of piracy in the 17th century.

Sarah Aynn Collins born into a life of witchcraft and satanic practices in 1730.  She travelled to Scotland, to learn more of the occult, becoming a leader of the oldest form of Wicca; The Elven Path.

Following the American Revolution, returned home to the United States, forming the Covendom of Wicca, and was stabbed to death in Boston.

Samuel DuPont married Anne Alexandrine Montechanin in Paris, France of 1737.  Anne a descendant of a Burgundy noble family, was a medium within the spirit world, thus Anne’s bloodline gave the DuPont’s their occult powers.  Their son; Pierre Samuel Dupont followed the family tradition, receiving teaching’s from his mother, becoming a medium.

Pierre Samuel Dupont was trained as a watchmaker, following his mother’s death in 1753, when he was sixteen.  He attracted the interest of the Illuminati, for his abilities in writing articles on economic and political subjects.  Pierre went on to join the Freemasons.  As part of the Inner Satanic hierarchy, and as such was protected at all costs, by powerful Freemasons during the French Revolution.

In 1767, Victor Marie DuPont was born to parents Pierre Samuel Dupont and Made le Dee, with the Marquis de Mirabeau as his godfather.  Victor was an aide-de-camp to Illuminatus Lafayette, and some time after arriving in the United States in 1800, got involved in Freemasonry.

Necker and Lafayette loaned Pierre Samuel Dupont, money to form a communist society through business interests.  On the 1st January 1769 Pierre replaced the existing management of “Physiocrats Journal.”  With this he became a key leader in France, calling for a “New Order” he believed in a philosopher styled king, an idea, a belief put forward by Greek Philosopher; Plato.

In 1776, Benjamin franklin an active Mason was appointed by the then government of the United States to negotiate peace with Great Britain.  On the 4th July 1776, a date that will always be remembered in American history; the signing of the “Declaration of Independence.”  Franklin was instrumental in the writing of the document, and one of the 56 who signed the document, creating the U.S. Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were members of the Collins family of Satanists, who were known as the “Hell Fire Club.”  This Satanic group practiced occult rituals.

In the latter part of 1776. The Illuminati formed a committee; “The Biblical Destruction Group” and by 1826 they had disbanded.

In 1777, Lafayette a French noble took up arms against the British in the American Revolution, fighting alongside American comrades.  The American commander; George Washington, a Mason and Illuminati appointed him to the post of Major General.

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Ancient Brotherhood: The Freemasons Oath


General Charges by which masters and fellows of the order are expected to adhere to.  The words may read oddly in places, but it be the original grammar, text and spelling as used at the time of being written.

  • The first charge is that you shall be true to God and the Holy Church, and that you use no heresy or error by your understanding or by teaching of indiscreet men.
  • Also you shall be true liegemen to the King without treason or falsehood and that you know no treason but that you amend it if you may or else warn the King or his Council thereof.
  • And also that every mason keep counsel of lodge and chamber and all other counsel that ought to be kept by the way of masonry.
  • Also that no member be thief in Company so far forth that you shall know.
  • And also that you shall be true unto the Lord and master that you serve and truly see for his profit and advantage.
  • Also you do no villainy in that house whereby The Craft may be slandered.


  • First that no master take upon him any lord’s work nor other work but that he know himself unable to perform the same so that The Craft have no disworship but the lord may be served truly.
  • Also that no master take any work that he take it reasonably so that the lord may be truly served with his own goods and that the master live honestly and truly pay his fellows their pay as the manner of The Craft does require.
  • Also that no master or fellow supplant other of their work (that is to say) if they have taken a work or stand master of a lord’s work you shall not put him out unless he be unable to end the work.
  • Also that no master or fellow take any apprentice to be allowed his apprentice but for seven years and that the apprentice be able of birth and limbs as he ought to be.
  • Also that no master or fellow take allowance to be made mason without the assent of his fellows at the least five or six.
  • And also that is to be made freeborn of good kindred and no bondsman and that he have his right limbs, as a man ought to have.
  • Also that no master put a lord’s work to task that was used to go to journey.
  • Also that every mason give pay to his fellows but as he may deserve so that he be not deceived by false workmen.
  • Also that no fellows slander another falsely behind his back to make him lose his good name or his worldly goods.
  • Also that no fellow withhold his lodge or without answer another ungodly without reasonable cause.
  • Also that every mason prefers his elder and put him to worship.
  • Also that no mason shall play cards hazards of any other unlawful game whereby they may be slandered.
  • Also that no mason commit ribaldry or lechery to make The Craft slandered and that no fellow go into the town where there is a lodge of masons without a fellow to bear him witness that he was in honest company.
  • Also that every master and fellow come to the assembly if he be within fifty miles and he have warning and to stand to the award of masters and fellows.
  • Also that every master and fellow if he have trespassed shall stand to the award of masters and fellows to make them accord and if they cannot to go to the Common Law.
  • Also that no mason make moulds ‘sware’ or rule to any rough layers.
  • Also that no mason set layers within a lodge or without to have moulded stones with a mould of his marking.
  • Also that every mason shall receive and cherish strange masons when they came over the country and set them on work as the manner is (that is to say) if they have moulded stones in place he shall set him a fortnight on work at the least and give him his hire and there be no stones for him then to refresh him with some money to bring him to the next lodge, and also to every mason shall serve truly the works and truly make an end of the work be it task or journey if he has pay as he ought to have.

The spirit of the charges,
equals the heart of Freemasonry.

Knights Templar: France 1789

Knights Templar Burnings

Jacques de Molay’s Execution

Knights Templar Grand Master; Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake in Paris, on the 18th March 1314, on trumped up charges of heresy.  King Philip IV of France was responsible along with Pope Clement V, for the destruction of this Holy Order… God’s Warriors.

Some 480 years later, Jacques de Molay would have his revenge, as the sons and daughters of the Order of the Templars, would strike a deathly blow at the heart of the French Monarchy.

In 1789, Illuminists manipulated France’s grain market, thus creating shortages of grain.  An intense famine spread across the country, pushing it towards the brink of revolt.  These Illuminists claimed a revolution would benefit its people.  But the truth was far more devious, for food supplies were being blocked; reforms in France’s National Assembly were being blocked, as the people of Paris and France starved.

The prisoner Comte Cagliostro, member of the Illuminati revealed that it was the intention of the Masons; descendants of the Templar Order, to finish what the Templar’s had started many years ago, destruction or control of the Papacy.

Jacques de Molay had been tortured and held prisoner at the Bastille Prison, for a number of years, before his execution, in the shadow of the Sacre Coeur.


Bastille Prison

The French Revolution, started on the 14th July 1789, when the Bastille Prison was stormed by a force of 1,000 citizens; revenge for de Molay’s life was ever on their mind.

French citizens redesigned the political landscape of their country, and Masons began a campaign of terror across the land.  Some 10,000 royalists and church members are known to have been sent to the guillotine, as France drowned in a sea of blood.

By the end of 1793, this Revolutionary Republic, brought about by hostility towards the French Monarchy and the Church, by Masons and Illuminati, successors of the Templar, faced a new problem.

It was revealed hundreds of thousands of men had no work.  They opted to depopulate France’s population from twenty-five million to sixteen million, as a never ending stream of victims were rounded up, and marched to their death.

freemason-symbolThe Knights Templar became Freemasons, and a by product was the Illuminati, founded in Bravaria, southern Germany by Adam Weishaupt, a Law professor.  His order opposed Monarchies and the Church, with a mission to create a secular Masonic world.

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Storming of the Bastille: 14th July 1789
French Revolution of 1789

Jacques de Molay’s Revenge

Knights Templar Burnings

Burnt at the stake

On the 18th March 1314, Knights Templar Grand Master; Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake, on trumped up charges of heresy.  King Philip IV of France was responsible for the destruction of this Holy Order.

Jacques de Molay had his revenge, when King Philip IV of France along with Pope Clement V, died within a year, punished for the part they played.

Some 450 years later, Jacques de Molay would have his revenge, as the sons and daughters of the Order of the Templars, would strike a deathly blow at the heart of the French Monarchy.

In 1789, a year known across Europe, the start of the French Revolution.  Ten years of horror, as French citizens redesigned the political landscape of their country, and some 17,000 people were known to have been executed.

French Freemasons, heirs to the traditions of the Knights Templar, called upon the dying curse of Jacques de Molay of 1314, when he burnt at the stake on trumped up charges of heresy.

He called to his God, that King Philip IV and Pope Clement V his accusers should join him… Within a year both had died.

Execution of Louis XVI

Execution of King Louis XVI

So it was, Freemasons orchestrated the French Revolution against the Catholic Church and the Monarchy.  King Louis XVI a descendant of King Philip IV was beheaded.  As the King’s head rolled off the guillotine, the cheers from the crowd were heard, as one jumped upon the scaffold, put his finger in the King’s blood, shouting “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged.”

The French Monarchy was dealt a deathly blow, by the descendants of the Knights Templar, one which would not be forgotten.

Freemasons created the French Revolution, a way of changing the social order of France, and deal a blow against the monarchy.

The Illuminists manipulated the grain market, causing shortages in 1789, leading to poverty and famine across France, putting the country on the path towards revolution.

These Illuminists claimed that revolution would be better for its people and the country.  This from conspirators who held up food supplies, blocked reforms in France’s National Assemble, as the people starved.

The real aim of storming the Bastille wasn’t the release of prisoners.  This was where Jacques de Molay, had been held prisoner and underwent torture.

As the revolution started, the Jacobins, most of whom were Freemasons, created a campaign of terror.  Royalists and Church members were sent to the guillotine, as France was drowning in a sea of blood.

By the end of 1793, this Revolutionary Republic had a problem, hundreds of thousands of men, with no work.  They opted to depopulate France, as a never ending stream of victims were rounded up, and marched to their death.

This terror was the product of hostility towards the monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church by the Masons and Illuminati, the Templars successors.

For thousands of years, secret societies, guardians of ancient orders, have exercised their influence on the destiny of nations.

The Knights Templar became the Freemasons, and a by product was the Illuminati, founded in Bavaria, with a mission to create a secular Masonic world by revolutionary means.

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