Knights Templar 5th Grand Master: Andre de Montbard

Andre de Montbard

Andre de Montbard was born in the November of 1097 to parents Bernard de Montbard and Humberge de Tonnerre d’Angouleme.  The Montbard family came from Hochadel in Burgundy, France, and Andre was born in the family castle.

Andre de Montbard was the uncle of St.Bernard of Clairvaux, who would champion the rights of the Knights Templar, and wrote the rules, that governed the Order.

Andre was the half-brother of St.Bernard of Clairvaux’s mother; Aleth de Montbard.  She had married Tescelin Sorus, a knight and father of St.Bernard.

Andre entered the Order in 1129, and was sent to Palestine, rising quickly through the ranks to become deputy and second – in command to the Grand Master.  Following the “Battle of Ascalon” on the 22nd August 1153, Andre de Montbard was elected as the new and 5th Grand Master of the Knights Templar, replacing Bernard de Tremelay who had been killed on the 16th August.

Andre de Montbard served as Grand Master to the Knights Templar for less than three years.  He was the last of the founding knights of the Order, who died in Jerusalem on the 17th January 1156.