Knights Templar: Castle of Almourol – Haunting

The Donna Beatriz Legend:

Donna Beatriz, daughter of Dom Romiro, a 9th/10th century Visigoth warrior.  It is said he killed a Moorish woman and her daughter over a cup of water.  He took an eleven-year-old boy prisoner.  Dom Ramiro had no idea who this young boy was; the son of the woman he had murdered.  The boy became page to Dom Ramiro at Almourol, where he lived with his wife and daughter.

The boy wanted revenge for the murder of his mother.  With revenge in his heart, he poisoned Dom Ramiro’s wife, and watched over her, until she was dead.

Dom Ramiro was off fighting, and his daughter Beatrix and his page fell in love, as revenge turned to desire.

However, Dom Ramiro returned, bringing with him a fellow knight, to whom he had promised Beatriz’s hand in marriage.

The Moorish boy told Beatriz of her father’s cruelty, and admitted his murder of her mother.  She was not fazed by the events, and the young couple vanished, destination unknown.

Dom Ramiro died of remorse… It is said, each and every year, on the day of St. John.  Beatriz and the Moorish page would appear on the castle keep, which rises above the river.  It is here, they will renew their curse, which will hang over the castle until Judgement Day!