Knights Templar Mystery: Mary Magdalene

Many mysteries surround the ‘Order of the Knights Templar,’ including John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene.  These individuals were patronized by the order during its two-hundred-year reign.

Believed by the church; Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute.

Located in the small village of Rennes-la-Chateau in southern France, the French believed that Mary came to that part of the world after the death of Christ.  Because of her influence, an order of fighting men was sanctioned by the church in the 12th century.

The legend known as the “Vine of Mary” states that following the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene fled to France, and her off-spring became the Kings of France, known as the Merovingian line.  Shrines that venerate Mary can be found in southern France. 

Her presence, her memory has transformed into the ‘Cult of the Black Madonna.’

The ‘Order of the Knights Templar’ was dismantled by the Catholic Church in 1312 at the Council of Vienne.  The last grand Master of the Knights Templar was burnt at the stake in 1314 ‘Jacques de Molay.’  Many knights of the Order fled to Scotland, Switzerland and sought haven in the ‘Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St.John.

In 1531 Francois Jarradin, Commander of the Hospitallers commissioned a sculpture of the Entombment of Christ.  The sculpture now resides at St.Remi Cathedral.  On the tomb’s façade is the Templar Cross complete with reposed figure of Jesus Christ.  Grieving family members surrounded the body.  Interestingly, blood still flows from the spears wound on the right-hand side of Jesus’ body, which suggested he lived after crucifixion.

If a secret society did exist in medieval Europe, and we believe the tale that Jesus was laid upon a cloth, that which would become the ‘Shroud of Turin’.  One suggestion put forward asks if the altar with the Templar Cross houses the ashes of Jacques de Molay?


Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers by Scott F Walter