The Ninth Crusade

king edward I

Prince Edward I soon to be King

Prince Edward (Edward I) heir to the English throne arrived at Tunis with his forces, only to find the attack upon the city had been called off, and a diplomatic agreement brought the eighth crusade to an end.

Edward and his forces continued on to Acre, the last crusader outpost in Syria, thus starting what would be the Ninth and Final Crusade.

He succeeded in capturing Nazareth, and obtained an agreement with the Sultan of Egypt to agree a favourable treaty for Christians and pilgrims.

In 1272, Edward returned home to England, and was crowned King Edward I of England at his coronation on the 19th August 1274.

A fleet of warships from Venice and Aragon arrived to defend remaining crusader states in 1290.

Acre Castle - Palestine

Acre Castle

The Crusader flame was slowly being extinguished, as al-Ashraf Khali attacked Acre, the final place under crusader control, which fell within seven weeks, and the crusaders were driven out of the Holy Land.

The Crusades in the Holy Land had come to a sticky end…

The Crusades were wars of unprovoked aggression against countries, who fought battles within the Holy Land, who until we arrived, believed in their own faith. A holy war was started by Rome.  Its aim to spread Christianity across the land.

(Images) Edward I & Acre Castle: Wikipedia