Royal Arch Emblems: The Triple Tau

The number three is important in Masonry, so is the letter ‘T’ which has three points, and the word for the number 3 begins with the letter T.  A Masonic symbol called the ‘Triple Tau’ is made up of three T’s.

The ‘Triple Tau’ has become one of the most important symbols associated with “Royal Arch Masonry.”

The Tau (T), is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet.  In ancient times the (T) was referred to as the symbol of life, Theta the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet was the symbol of death.  The Tau being an old form of the cross, also known as St. Anthony’s Cross, in memory of the saint who was martyred on a cross of this shape.

In pagan times, a warrior returning honourably from battle, was permitted to attach a ‘T’ to his name.

It is believed, three Taus brought together form the Triple Tau.  It is also believed by bringing a T and H together means ‘Templum Hierosolyma’ or the ‘Temple of Jerusalem.’  Whilst Christians believe the symbol, is that of ‘Holiness supporting Trinity.’  Other meanings include “A key to the treasure.”  It is believed to be the place where precious things are concealed from prying eyes.

Mathematians deduced long ago, that five shapes;

Heaven     = Dodecahedron      = Pentagon Face

Fire             = Tetrahedron         = Triangle

Air               = Octahedron           = Triangle

Earth          = Hexahedron         = Square

Water        = Icosahedron           = Triangle

are the only shapes that can equally divide three-dimensional space, and stood on the pinnacle of ancient geometric and esoteric knowledge?

The Five Elements of The Seal of Solomon:

Visually five platonic shapes do not exist in the Seal of Solomon.  However, if we read it in a different way, the number of angles in the Triple Tau, and a multiple there of, is equal to combinations of triangles in the Seal of Solomon.  Therefore, we can conclude that the Triple Tau or Key, unlocks the Seal of Solomon, revealing five Platonic shapes.

There are 8 x 90 degree angles, which equal 720 degrees.

Christians in Greek or Roman used a Tau Cross.  The basis of a triple tau in early church history would mean the trinity of father, son, and holy spirit. A belief in the triune nature of godhead is common to many faiths and religions.

A triangle is a simple shape in geometry that has taken on a great spiritual significance and symbolism.  The equilateral triangle was revered by ancient nations as containing the greatest and most abstruse mysteries, and as a symbol of God, denoting a triad of intelligence, a triad of deity, a triune to God.  The equilateral triangle shows equality with its three triangles of the same degrees.  In one way, it best represents deity by its equality or perfection in design and proportion.

The triangle is a symbol of divine union, and an emblem of the mysterious triune, equally representing the attributes of deity, and his triune essence: omnipotence (all powerful), omnipresence (eternal) and omniscience (all knowing).