The Seventh Crusade

Seventh Crusade

In 1228, the excommunicated King Frederick II of Germany, had managed to reclaim Jerusalem without spilling any blood.

In 1244, as King Louis IX, lay on his sickbed in Paris, Jerusalem had been captured by Muslim forces.

In 1245, King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) declares his intent to launch a Crusade against these Muslim forces in the Middle East.

In August of 1248 King Louis IX, sailed to Cyprus with his forces, as leader of the Seventh Crusade, as they prepared for their assault on Egypt.

In February of 1250, fought a decisive battle at Al-Mansurah in the Nile Delta, where the Christian forces were overwhelmed.  Louis along with many of his nobles were captured and held for ransom.

The Crusade of the Pastoureaux, made up of French peasants, attempted the impossible, to release their King from his captors.  Even though it was a failure, it shows how popular, Louis was as King of France.

Damietta was the price of the King’s release along with Christian captives.

Louis remained in the Middle East, making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, then staying at the Christian stronghold of Acre, until troubles at home, forcing his return to France in 1254.

The Seventh Crusade had been declared a failure, and Louis became a Saint, which increased his fame among his people.

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