Knights Templar: Western Heights Ruins

The ruins of a small Templar flint chapel stands on high ground to the west of Dover, on a site named; Western Heights, consisting of a round nave and rectangular chancel.  In its hey day it would have stood alone on top of a cliff, possibly with stone or white washed walls, with a timber or thatched roof.  It would have been a place for worship for Templars embarking to the Holy Land, and a known landmark to welcome them.

The circular nave would measure thirty-two feet in diameter, with a channel of twenty-six foot long and twenty feet wide.

It is believed the small Dover Chapel was the site of Plantagenet King John’s humiliating submission to the papal legate which ended his dispute with the pope.  Like many other round churches, fell into disuse and ruin over the years,

Dover Chapel’s use was required in the early 19th century as a lookout point, against the expected French invasion by Napoleon.